TechniCon’s offer includes an enterprise resource planning (ERP) computer system for management of registering, projecting, conducting and accounting of works on numerous objects as well for management of the documents’ circulation.
SYLOC system is designed to enable gathering and analyzing all the data necessary to effective company management. It was created to realize an order of several German service companies, contractors of DeutscheBahn AG and independent companies. The highest effectiveness of SYLOC is achieved in the companies having characteristics similar to the following:
  • • Conducting parallel works on many different object
  • • Providing services in many places or on many routes
  • • Large number of brigades with varying staff composition,
  • • Diverse qualification required from employees,
  • • Large number of contractors and cooperators.
The system is composed of several applications for office and business fields. Thanks to their cooperation it is possible to integrate and support many areas of company’s activity:
  • • Cost estimation – price-lists sets, support in valuation of works,
  • • Projects – creating frameworks of activities (schedule, list of needed staff and equipment)
  • • Control – of staff (availability), of conducted projects (approval on an ongoing or day-to-day basis), standardization of documents’ circulation,
  • • Accounting – of works under the project, of employees’ contribution to the project,
  • • Storage – storehouse and vehicle fleet management
  • • Archiving – function of checking data of archived completed project
Selected features of SYLOC
Human Resources Management:
  • • Employee list management,
  • • Contact base management,
  • • Contractor’s data base management,
  • • Register of functions/services provided
  • • Register of necessary authorizations and licenses, medical examinations and trainings,
  • • Register of employees’ absence: leaves, business trips, sick leaves, etc.
  • • Register of days of service with detailed working time and position (function),
  • • Accounts of employees and contractors,
  • • Preparing reports – basis for payment of benefits to the company's employees.
Workflow Management:
  • • Work projects
  • • Supervising and accounting of implemented projects
  • • Management of services, works and equipment price-lists
Documents’ Circulation Management:
  • • Project related correspondence base,
  • • Reporting and invoicing,
  • • Contextual notes system,
  • • Contractors and contact persons
Storehouse Management:
  • • Storehouse inventories,
  • • Equipment rental documentation,
  • • Data collectors and remote barcode scanners,
  • • Invoicing and turnover statistics.
Machine Park Management:
  • • Maintenance and technical data,
  • • Vehicles’ history (defects, accidents, compensations),
  • • Integration with the other modules (planning and accounting).