SYDEL system is a software suite dedicated to project and implement industrial process control systems. Uniform software environment, high performance SQL databases and modular structure provide an easy and highly flexible system application . Below you will find the specification of the essential features of the system:
Multi-threaded communication software: 8-port I/O RS-485 cards in concentrators and 1-16-port industrial servers to RS/Ethernet provide direct communication with:
  • • controllers and data concentrators (e.g. B&R, Beckhoff, Simatic, Elbit),
  • • digital security units (e.g. SEPAM, Alstom, Micom, cZAZ, multiMUZ, megaMUZ),
  • • network parameters meters (e.g. N10, N13, AJE1, Twelve),
  • • energy, gas, water, compressed air, heat, etc. accounting setups (eg. LandisGyr, MacMat, Kamstrup, ACTARIS, Multical, CALEC),
  • • digital meters of non-electrical signals
High scalability – from single-workstation version up to dispersed structure of “network nodes” version. Object-oriented data servers allowing expanding the system with applications added directly by the User.
High performance of the system:
  • • In terms of hardware – by building up the servers (new generations of processors, better use of multi-threaded construction of system’ s modules), advanced disk systems (RAID, 10-50/spare, BBW, etc.),
  • • In terms of configuration – program modules dispersed on several servers, data scope adjusted to hardware capacities.
Universal character – SYDEL is designed and produced exclusively in the „customer-server” architecture. Databases are in standard formats. Full and tested possibility of integration with other systems SCADA, ERP and others. Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, HP UX, IBM OS and others.
Dynamic configurability – configuration may be changed in on-line mode, without interrupting system operation:
  • • Dynamic adding and removing of controllers,
  • • Expanding system with new data transmission protocols (communication drivers),
  • • Expanding system with new types of data,
  • • Configuration and adding of new controllers to the system.
Data security is our priority in terms of hardware and software thanks to:
  • • Possibility of applying a full redundancy with two independent communication and database servers,
  • • Advanced diagnostic and control functions in every module,
  • • Full and automatic databases archiving,
  • • Information on system’s inner state (in log files),
  • • Transactional files exchange within system,
  • • Multilayer data processing,
  • • Data protection by data enciphering and extensive password system with a list of users,
  • • Data buffering in controllers including an algorithm allowing their automatic reading from communication software level.
We conduct a full training of system usage and configuration including a software that simulates system’s operation. Each time the scope and forms of utility software presentation are settled with the User. Number of system’s users is arbitrary (according to system’s network or other computer networks in the Enterprise), as well the designated use of each dispatcher stand.
With respect to the User’s requirements, we offer system’s communication with other digital units (accounting concentrators with power industry, interferences inputters, Frankfurt clock, synoptic board, other computer systems) which effects in creating an integrated computer structure of the company.
System allows data secu against unauthorized access as well as the long-term data archiving on various carriers. It also offers high reliability, which is possible, among others, thanks to rational redundancy in crucial elements of hardware structure. Packages of guarantees, service and monitoring ensure a long-term, efficient and secure usage of the system.