TechniCon sp. z o.o. was established in Gliwice, Poland in 1988. Since then the company has provided services of designing, realizing and implementing dispatch systems (trading name: SYDEL) dedicated for the requirements of electrical departments in industrial enterprises, power generating stations and combined heat and power plants, especially including electrical power systems .
SYDEL is a highly specialized system that monitors, balances and accounts energy carriers consumption. Its specific advantages include the forecasting function (scheduling based on the unique technological approach) and the structure that enables to easily integrate SYDEL - as an overriding system or as a part of broader entiretywith other systems.
SYDEL is also applicable in the following areas:
  • • As a surveillance and control system in wastewater treatment plants and water pumping stations,
  • • In shopping malls (electrical power system surveillance in large-area buildings as an element of BMS system),
  • • As a surveillance and control system in large-capacity power generators, such as turbines, boilers and mills.
SYDEL in the most recent version 6.0 includes among others: a new, highly efficient communication software as well as the facility of secure remote internet access to selected functions trough a specialized software and web browsers.
In 2010 TechniCon became an Official Partner of the following companies:
  • • BECKHOFF Automation
  • • Sofrel LACROIX
  • • Elektromontaż Export Energetyka
In 2011 we became an Official Partner of
  • • Parse components